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End of an era


I’ve been watching with sickened fascination as Twitter has been ripped apart by a filthy rich individual who decided to buy it on a whim (which he tried to take back, but couldn’t) and on day one began “improving” it — mostly by firing people. A few weeks in, the place is a dumpster fire with only a third of its former workforce on the job and knowledgeable...

Cool tech


A roundup of interesting innovations I’ve been hearing about:

WikiScanner maps anonymous Wikipedia edits to locations via
Google Sky added to Google Earth via
NetFlix now offers online viewing (too bad it’s PC- and IE-only)
Biodegradable plastic ware reduces waste (seen and used by me at City Market members meeting!)

Addicted to WoW


I probably shouldn’t have bought a cheap copy of World of Warcraft when I was on vacation. It isn’t like I needed a sleep deprivation aid, or had ever seriously considered trying the game. I was simply suckered by the cheap price on the endcap at Target. Oh woe! The day I bought the product that has taken over my life for the last two weeks. So what is it, anyway? It’s a...

Blog admin update


I was feeling nerdy today, so I made a number of changes on the blog. Here’s what I did: Updated to Nucleus CMS version 3.24 Added a link to the RSS 2.0 feed in the sidebar Re-enabled the subscription option (see the Login area) Added a list of the 10 most recent comments on the member info page Unfortunately, the last thing I had to do today was disable the creation of user accounts...

Geek alert! HTML now enabled in comments!


For you legions of blog commenters who’ve been burning to link to web pages and include text styling in your comments, I’ve finally installed the BBCode plugin to do it. Now when you compose a comment you will see a list of allowed BBCode at the bottom of the window. There is also a link to the official BBCode reference site if you need any explanation about what each code is and how...

New web host!


After four years with Phenominet, I’ve finally switched hosting companies. Since I’ve been adding new things like this blog and the soon-to-be-live Gallery2 photo album I’ve discovered that Phenominet is way behind the times. Their MySQL and PHP versions are both WAY old and can’t run some of the modules I want to use. And since their customer service pretty much sucks...

Alternate dimensions


Orson and I were just talking about web hosting companies and using DNS Stuff to look up information about our respective domains. I was surprised to see that since I last checked, someone has registered as their domain. I clicked on the link and when I saw that the home page was called “The Remnant”, I thought I might have stumbled on some fans of R.E.M. Could I have been...

Hot diggety! A new blog engine!


I’ve been admiring the new look of my friend Ben’s web site for a few months now, and today I took the plunge and upgraded my own site to NucleusCMS, the blog engine he uses. You’re looking at it right now. Isn’t it cool?! This new software has a much more active developer community than bBlog did, so there are loads of nice templates and plugins available. I’m...

A computing milestone


This news is precious:
David Bradley, the Inventor of Ctrl+Alt+Del, Retires from IBM

‘At a 20-year celebration for the IBM PC, Bradley was on a panel with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other tech icons. The discussion turned to the keys.
“I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous,” Bradley said.
Gates didn’t laugh.’

Well, I did.

A shiny new future


Behold the first post to my new blog! Marvel at its beauty! Bow before it!
To give credit where it is due: this blog would not exist if Jim Troutman had not urged me to create one. Thanks, Jim!


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