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Firefly alumni update


Interesting times in the world of former Firefly folks (“FFF”). Here’s a rundown of some things I’m excited about or at least intrigued by. Starting April 15, Nathan Fillion (“Malcolm Reynolds”) will be appearing in a lead role in a new Fox TV series called Drive. One of the producers is Tim Minear, also of Firefly (and Angel, and Wonderfalls, and The...

Browncoats rock


Yesterday I read about something that really warmed my heart. The TV show Firefly was cancelled just about four years ago. Since then, a very successful DVD release, a movie, and various related books, CDs and comic books have kept it alive in the minds of the fans. In addition, the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, and a number of actors and other associates have stayed in touch with the...

The show that wouldn’t die


Fox cancelled Firefly after airing only 11 episodes. Since then, so many DVD sets have been sold that Universal agreed to bankroll a feature film. That film, complete with the entire original cast of nine, is currently in production. I am pleased as punch.
Today I registered with the official web site, Browncoats. And now, I duly post this banner:

Keep flying, guys.

Firefly DVD commentaries


If you are the same kind of geek I am, you might be able to tell from the name of my blog (currently “Central Cortex”) that I am a fan of the tragically cancelled show Firefly. Over the past week I’ve been watching the DVD set and marvelling all over again at what a great show it was and how clueless Fox was to cancel it. Tonight I listened to the DVD commentary for the pilot...

A shiny new future


Behold the first post to my new blog! Marvel at its beauty! Bow before it!
To give credit where it is due: this blog would not exist if Jim Troutman had not urged me to create one. Thanks, Jim!


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