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After four years with Phenominet, I’ve finally switched hosting companies. Since I’ve been adding new things like this blog and the soon-to-be-live Gallery2 photo album I’ve discovered that Phenominet is way behind the times. Their MySQL and PHP versions are both WAY old and can’t run some of the modules I want to use. And since their customer service pretty much sucks, and their administration tools are almost nonexistent, I decided to switch to something better.

I picked DreamHost, a friendly and bewilderingly fully-featured hosting company based in Brea, California. My feminist science fiction buddy Laura Quilter uses DreamHost for her domain, and Orson had a good experience setting a site up there recently. Plus, they give kickbacks to people who refer new customers, even if the person referring isn’t a customer! Wacky!

Already I am a very happy customer. It’s obvious these people know their stuff. Not only do they have current (even aggressive) software versions, there are tons of helpful features and add-ons available for your site(s). If you want a referral code that will give you a discount to sign up at DreamHost, let me know.

Now, if only my domain registration doesn’t become locked before the transfer is complete… is supposed to expire tomorrow, and I didn’t initiate the registration transfer until today. You’re supposed to do it at least a week before expiration. Oops. Maybe it will all work out.

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