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Another drop in the bucket


Just gave another $50 to Howard Dean’s campaign. It’s my fourth donation in the past six months. I’ve also given to the Democratic National Committee, though I’m less than impressed with their efforts so far. They haven’t got any fire apart from James Carville, and he’s just one man. He does make me laugh, though. His latest letter began, “If I run into...

Further thoughts on RotK


I saw The Return of the King for a second time with my sister yesterday. It was more enjoyable than my first viewing, maybe because I had already identified my major nitpicks and could move beyond them. What affected me most this time was the relationship between Frodo and Sam. Yes, there is some undeniably romantic subtext there (“There are times when […] you want to stand up and...

Initial thoughts on The Return of the King


Just saw The Return of the King. As with the other two Jackson films, I had some serious gripes, but I do agree with Orson: it was the best of the three. Things I liked: Minas Tirith looked just as I thought it should, complete with the concentric levels, the forward-thrusting blade of rock, and the white tree. The first shot of the tower of Cirith Ungol, when Frodo glimpses it between the...

Firefly DVD commentaries


If you are the same kind of geek I am, you might be able to tell from the name of my blog (currently “Central Cortex”) that I am a fan of the tragically cancelled show Firefly. Over the past week I’ve been watching the DVD set and marvelling all over again at what a great show it was and how clueless Fox was to cancel it. Tonight I listened to the DVD commentary for the pilot...

A shiny new future


Behold the first post to my new blog! Marvel at its beauty! Bow before it!
To give credit where it is due: this blog would not exist if Jim Troutman had not urged me to create one. Thanks, Jim!


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