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If you are the same kind of geek I am, you might be able to tell from the name of my blog (currently “Central Cortex”) that I am a fan of the tragically cancelled show Firefly. Over the past week I’ve been watching the DVD set and marvelling all over again at what a great show it was and how clueless Fox was to cancel it. Tonight I listened to the DVD commentary for the pilot episode, “Serenity”. The camaraderie between Joss Whedon (the show’s creator) and Nathan Fillion (the star) is obvious and infectious. I want to be on that set with them! And from their comments about all the other actors, it sounds like everyone got along to the same degree. That’s the secret of the show. These are people who know and love one another, playing people who know and love one another. Cinema verite, if you will.

One of the moments that crystallizes the phenomenon (regarding Alan Tudyk, the actor who played the ship’s pilot):

Joss: “He blew you off the screen.”

Nathan: “So what?”

Said with the most affectionate and joking tones. I love these guys.

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