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Just gave another $50 to Howard Dean’s campaign. It’s my fourth donation in the past six months. I’ve also given to the Democratic National Committee, though I’m less than impressed with their efforts so far. They haven’t got any fire apart from James Carville, and he’s just one man. He does make me laugh, though. His latest letter began, “If I run into one more person who tells me he or she is waiting to see who the Democratic nominee is before ‘getting too involved,’ I’m going to flip my lid.” Unfortunately, the DNC itself seems to be holding back until the Democratic candidates have duked it out amongst themselves. After all, if the candidates can’t even agree on whether the Iraq war was justified or not, how is the DNC supposed to spin the coming election? Tough call. I’m hoping that once Howard Dean is the nominee the Democratic confusion will sort itself out and we can get on to the serious business of ousting the Resident.

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