Spring is coming…


Finally, we’re officially out of winter. Yeah, we keep getting ice storms and other crapola falling out of the sky, but summer IS on the way. Thank Peep, because 2008 has been one of my least favorite years so far. Relationship distress, a nasty case of work, and an inner ear infection that gave me persistent vertigo all combined to give me an insomnia/anxiety/depression sucker punch disabling enough that I decided to take antidepressant meds for the first time in my life. I’m on the mend now, and seriously looking forward to sunshine, more time off, and having energy to write in this blog again.

So, in honor of the sunny Easter day outside, here’s a link to this year’s celebration of Just Born products, the 2008 Official Sacramento Peep-Off. The rules are simple: “You have 30 minutes to eat ’em, and then there’s a 5 minute “cooling off period” to see if anyone is going to puke ’em up. […] If you puke, you have to eat the puked Peeps to stay eligible.” You gotta respect that “reduce/reuse/recycle” ethic.

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