Racism begone!


It’s the second annual International Blog Against Racism Week. Think racism is a thing of the past? That it happens some other place, not where you live, or in your favorite entertainment, or in your virtual hangouts? If so, you should read some of these posts as background material, then follow up with these.

One data point that ties directly to one of my favorite topics, television: The Wire, a devastatingly good drama that happens to have a majority black cast, received not a single nomination for the Emmys this year. Another HBO series, The Sopranos, came away with 15 nominations, and the HBO TV movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee received 17. This is the book adaptation that was rewritten to include a part-white character “to carry a contemporary white audience through this project”. (quote from the scriptwriter, Daniel Giat)

Nope, no racism going on here.

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