Just now I started up iTunes to browse some songs in the online store and much to my surprise the podcast for Battlestar Galactica episode 314 began downloading. I am subscribed to the “enhanced” podcasts on iTunes, so I’m used to it all happening automatically. What’s odd is that the episode in question has not yet aired on television!


For those without iTunes, the podcast has also been mistakenly loaded onto the SciFi web site, so if you love spoilers and podcasts go take a listen!

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  • Yeah, the cliffhanger resolution ("Rapture") was pretty lame and the Apollo/Starbuck waffling in the last ep was bad, too. I liked the recent Baltar/Adama/Roslin stuff, though. And you know, I read in some online episode review recently that someone thought Gaeta’s stabbing Baltar in the neck was an homage to [url=]"The R. Tam Sessions"[/url]?!?! If so, that’s some crazy intertextual fannishness right there.

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