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Jean Grey, meet Jane Eyre


A couple of weekends ago, I watched X-Men: The Last Stand, the most recent installment in the X-Men movie franchise. On the same night, I finished reading Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. You might think that a 9-month-old superhero movie and a 160-year-old realistic novel don’t have anything in common, but you’d be wrong… Both fictions take on the subject of women and...

Blog admin update


I was feeling nerdy today, so I made a number of changes on the blog. Here’s what I did: Updated to Nucleus CMS version 3.24 Added a link to the RSS 2.0 feed in the sidebar Re-enabled the subscription option (see the Login area) Added a list of the 10 most recent comments on the member info page Unfortunately, the last thing I had to do today was disable the creation of user accounts...



Just now I started up iTunes to browse some songs in the online store and much to my surprise the podcast for Battlestar Galactica episode 314 began downloading. I am subscribed to the “enhanced” podcasts on iTunes, so I’m used to it all happening automatically. What’s odd is that the episode in question has not yet aired on television! Oops. For those without iTunes, the...

Geek alert! HTML now enabled in comments!


For you legions of blog commenters who’ve been burning to link to web pages and include text styling in your comments, I’ve finally installed the BBCode plugin to do it. Now when you compose a comment you will see a list of allowed BBCode at the bottom of the window. There is also a link to the official BBCode reference site if you need any explanation about what each code is and how...

Jane Eyre on stage


I just returned from a performance of Jane Eyre at the Flynn. Since I’ve been sick and tired (literally) for the past two days, I almost didn’t go. At the last minute I found the strength to walk the three blocks, and I’m really glad I did because it was a thoroughly involving and moving experience. My only exposure to Jane Eyre before this was the revisionist take on it by Jean...


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