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Calls to action


I’ve been watching a lot of politically charged movies lately. A few weeks ago I saw Good Night, and Good Luck, the short and focused account of Edward R. Murrow‘s stand against Joe “Red Scare” McCarthy when no one else would face up to him. It was so inspiring, it actually made me cry. More recently, I saw another Participant Productions movie, Syriana, which though very...

Hot diggety! A new blog engine!


I’ve been admiring the new look of my friend Ben’s web site for a few months now, and today I took the plunge and upgraded my own site to NucleusCMS, the blog engine he uses. You’re looking at it right now. Isn’t it cool?! This new software has a much more active developer community than bBlog did, so there are loads of nice templates and plugins available. I’m...


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