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Battlestar Galactica teasers


SciFi has long been a leader in web content for their shows, particularly Battlestar Galactica. Last season I spent quite a bit of time listening to commentary podcasts by Ronald Moore, usually made available right after the episodes aired. In the latter half of the season, I was often wondering, “What the hell was he thinking?!” and was glad to get some insight into that right away...

Battlestar Galactica update


Sixteen episodes into season 2, and it seems like time for an evaluation.
Unfortunately, I have not been impressed with three of the last four episodes. However, we did have the fantastic “Scar”, so I am not entirely disillusioned. Click the “Read More” link to see my spoilery thoughts.

Falling in love


I have become a Battlestar Galactica evangelist. In the past couple of months, I have pressed the season 1 DVD set upon half a dozen people. Several are now fans, and the others are at least interested. I would like to convert even more. Thus this blog post. At first blush, it seems absurd to suggest that anyone should spend precious time watching a remake of a cheesy 1970s television show with...


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