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Wikipedia as cultural history


Last week I clicked on a link in a Candleblog entry and read this Wikipedia article about what Bill Simmon called “the infamous Goatse image”. Infamous it may be, but I had never heard of it before — or, thank Peep, seen it. After I nearly herniated myself laughing, I commented that I thought this was a perfect example of the type of thing you would never find in Encyclopaedia...



On both of my trips to Europe, I have observed that there are more reminders of history about than one is apt to find in the States. And some of this history isn’t pretty. In the streets of Frankfurt, Beverly and I came across these two seals embedded in the cobblestones. #1, located in the midst of the Römerplatz The original German reads: “Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man...

German things


I recently returned from a week-long vacation in Germany, in the Frankfurt/Darmstadt area. This is a list of cultural observances I wrote down while I was there. Doors overlap their frames on one side, creating a very solid seal when they are closed. Light switches are often OUTSIDE the room. Trees are planted everywhere, even in private parking lots, etc. Urban spaces are pleasant and well...


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