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WisCon 34 Panel: Race & Gender in Avatar


Panel Description: While James Cameron’s film Avatar contains a strong anti–imperialist message, it is yet another movie where a white character joins an indigenous people (the Na’vi) and then becomes the “most awesome” member of that group. Adding to this dynamic, most of the Na’vi are portrayed by actors of color, and much of the Na’vi culture seems to be...

WisCon 34 Panel: Dollhouse: Made of Win or Epic Fail?


Panel Description: Love it, hate it, love/hate it, Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse definitely has feminist and racial issues worth talking about. What were its good points? Its bad points? Does the good outweigh the bad, or vice versa? Was it canceled too soon or not soon enough? Panelists: Kater Cheek, Sigrid Ellis, Anastasia Salter, Charlie Jane Anders (moderator), K. Tempest Bradford Rundown of...

WisCon 34 Panel: Increasing Diversity in Games & Gaming


Panel Description: In some ways, the gaming industry is the last glass ceiling of geekdom; in spite of its increasing diversity, gaming culture has largely assumed white, male, able–bodied, and heterosexual biases. Gaming communities like XBox Live, MMORPGs, D&D groups, and even retail stores can be noninclusive or even hostile environments to women, people of color, gay people, or the...

WisCon 34 Panel: Revenge of Not Another F*cking Race Panel


Panel Description: Back for a second go–round, by popular demand! Writers of color working in F/SF face unique challenges, it’s true. But, at the end of the day, being a “person of color” is only one aspect of what makes up our identities as writers and, while it’s very flattering to asked to be on panels, most of these panels never crack the ceiling of Race 101. With that...

WisCon 34 Panel: Chicks Dig Time Lords


Panel Description: There is a perception that there weren’t many women in Doctor Who fandom before the New Series was launched. This is patently false. Women have had a major role in Doctor Who fandom since the inception of the show. Do women approach and experience their Doctor Who fandom (or other media fandoms) differently than men? This panel explores different approaches to media...

WisCon 34 Report


It’s been nearly a month since WisCon 34, so it’s high time I posted my con report and panel notes. Once again, it was a stimulating and overwhelming experience, with the one big difference from previous years being that my co-conspirators Laura and Liz both couldn’t make it. I missed them and hope they can make it next time! This post is a narrative of what I did...


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