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The new Yellow Menace?


What’s with all the negative articles about China in the New York Times lately? Our household has been getting the Sunday Times for the past couple of months, so I’ve been paying closer attention to their content. The first couple of China articles were interesting and disturbing. But after the third and fourth, I started to wonder, are things really that bad in China? Or does the...

Addicted to WoW


I probably shouldn’t have bought a cheap copy of World of Warcraft when I was on vacation. It isn’t like I needed a sleep deprivation aid, or had ever seriously considered trying the game. I was simply suckered by the cheap price on the endcap at Target. Oh woe! The day I bought the product that has taken over my life for the last two weeks. So what is it, anyway? It’s a...

Spam begone


I just turned off the “Notify Me” option on the sidebar because not a single real person has used it since I enabled it. Instead I’ve gotten a slow continuous supply of spam email addresses registering. I’m sick of them, so… blammo!

A WisCon postscript


I was just trolling my bookmarks list looking for other people’s reactions to WisCon, and this one from Eleanor Arnason made me burst into laughter: I am slowly digesting Wiscon, like a python which has eaten a really big goat. The feeling of uncomfortable fullness is gone and now I am beginning to fondly remember. I have moved from “that goat was way, way too big, how could I have...

WisCon 31 report


Wow, what a great time. I met tons of cool, smart people, bought the largest number of books ever in a three day period, went to awesome parties, and attended some really interesting panels. And the wiki workshop was, indeed, fine.
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