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WisCon ho!


Tomorrow morning I’m catching a flight to Madison for the 31st WisCon. WisCon may no longer be the only convention focusing on feminist science fiction, but it’s still the mother of them all, and it’s going to be an impressive turnout of authors and fans. The Guests of Honor this year are Kelly Link and Laurie J. Marks, and the convention will once again be hosting the awards...

The sci-fi top 25


Entertainment Weekly made a splash lately by featuring a list of “The Sci-Fi 25: The Best Movies and TV from the Past 25 Years.” I thought it was a decent list, despite its inclusion of several weird items like Total Recall and Quantum Leap. No one is ever going to agree on all the items in a list like this, particularly if they are ranked in order of preference. The fact that I...

I hate credit card companies


Today I received a Citi credit card bill with the second late fee in two months. The first late fee was definitely my fault, but I sent the second payment in 4 days before the due date. So I called customer service to complain. The first guy I talked to said there was nothing he could do, because my account “didn’t qualify” for a refund of a late fee. I asked what account DID...

Yet still more Pride & Prejudice


Were the movie and book enough? Hell, no! In the past couple of weeks I watched TWO more screen adaptations of Pride & Prejudice. The first was the five hour BBC miniseries that came out in 1995. The rapturous testimony of various friends as well the general opinion floating around AustenBlog had made it clear to me that in any RottenTomatoes style smackdown, this version would defeat the...


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