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Sunday laughs


This past Sunday I laughed harder than I have in quite a while. It all started with the NY Times news roundup of George Bush’s trip to Latin America. I will quote it in full since it wasn’t an article per se, and the NY Times will “disappear” it from their web site soon. On Bush’s Trip, a Name Unspoken and a Surprising Phrase MÉRIDA, Mexico, March 14 — Try as they might to...

Firefly alumni update


Interesting times in the world of former Firefly folks (“FFF”). Here’s a rundown of some things I’m excited about or at least intrigued by. Starting April 15, Nathan Fillion (“Malcolm Reynolds”) will be appearing in a lead role in a new Fox TV series called Drive. One of the producers is Tim Minear, also of Firefly (and Angel, and Wonderfalls, and The...


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