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Discworld at a glance


Now that I’ve gotten more than 20 books into Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, I think it’s time for an overview of what’s what. For those who don’t know what Discworld is, I can sum it up as a long-running parody of the fantasy genre that is also well-written, psychologically apt, and quite deep at times. With puns. Lots of puns. I had seen references to the...

Comings and goings


I just learned that Robert Altman, director of some of my favorite movies (The Player, Gosford Park), has died. He was 81. For a while in the previous century I kept a memorable quotes collection on my computer — things that struck me as profound or funny, mostly. One of them was an exchange between Altman and an interviewer from Newsweek: “Have you ever worked for a mogul whom you felt was...



Wow. What an amazing 24 hours it’s been. Yesterday I came home from work and sat down in front of my computer to monitor the election. Burlington blogger extraordinaire Bill Simmon recently set up a citizen forum called Exit Voices that I spent some time at. From there, I clicked over to our local community access news channel’s streaming video feed of election coverage. Not only did...

Election eve


Yep, it’s another of those moments when the fate of the United States hangs in the balance… the night before a national election. Things are looking a little better for Democrats than they were two years ago, but I’m trying not to become too hopeful given how many times the Dems have had campaigns crash and burn at the last moment. Instead I’m focusing on Vermont politics...


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