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I’m back from Scotland


And what a trip it was. My fellow tourists were a really fun group, and Willem and his wife Ida were a hoot. I tried plenty of whisky, took over 500 photos and movies, and was able to completely forget about work most of the time. A resounding success! Internet access was pretty scarce, so I couldn’t do any blogging from the road, but I will be uploading photos to my Gallery2 site soon. In...

Battlestar Galactica teasers


SciFi has long been a leader in web content for their shows, particularly Battlestar Galactica. Last season I spent quite a bit of time listening to commentary podcasts by Ronald Moore, usually made available right after the episodes aired. In the latter half of the season, I was often wondering, “What the hell was he thinking?!” and was glad to get some insight into that right away...


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