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Countdown to Scotland


In just a month I’ll be on my way to Scotland, land of golf, caber tossing, and Ewan McGregor! My plane tickets are in my possession, and I’m checking out travel guides. And re-reading The Game of Kings, by Dorothy Dunnett. Not that I will have much time to go wandering by myself. The tour has been exhaustively pre-planned by Music Contact International, the company that handles all...

Thoughts on Hustle & Flow


Months ago while watching the Oscars, I learned that “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp“, but it wasn’t till a couple days ago that I saw the movie the song appears in, Hustle & Flow. You might think that a staunch feminist like me wouldn’t even consider watching a movie that sympathetically portrays an exploiter of women. But I was open to the experience. A good...


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