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Work hell


Sunday morning I was awoken by a call from a co-worker saying that he couldn’t connect to our main file server. I went in to work a bit later and discovered an orange blinky light on the machine. One of the disks in the RAID5 array was unwell. After two calls to Dell tech support and hours worth of diagnostics, I left at 7:00 PM thinking that the problem was fixed. Yesterday evening I got a...

Wikipedia as cultural history


Last week I clicked on a link in a Candleblog entry and read this Wikipedia article about what Bill Simmon called “the infamous Goatse image”. Infamous it may be, but I had never heard of it before — or, thank Peep, seen it. After I nearly herniated myself laughing, I commented that I thought this was a perfect example of the type of thing you would never find in Encyclopaedia...

Falling in love


I have become a Battlestar Galactica evangelist. In the past couple of months, I have pressed the season 1 DVD set upon half a dozen people. Several are now fans, and the others are at least interested. I would like to convert even more. Thus this blog post. At first blush, it seems absurd to suggest that anyone should spend precious time watching a remake of a cheesy 1970s television show with...

Alternate dimensions


Orson and I were just talking about web hosting companies and using DNS Stuff to look up information about our respective domains. I was surprised to see that since I last checked, someone has registered as their domain. I clicked on the link and when I saw that the home page was called “The Remnant”, I thought I might have stumbled on some fans of R.E.M. Could I have been...


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