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A computing milestone


This news is precious:
David Bradley, the Inventor of Ctrl+Alt+Del, Retires from IBM

‘At a 20-year celebration for the IBM PC, Bradley was on a panel with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other tech icons. The discussion turned to the keys.
“I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous,” Bradley said.
Gates didn’t laugh.’

Well, I did.

Old Music


The other day I was inspired to dig out my old tape of They Might Be Giants‘ Lincoln. I recorded it way back in 1988 at the Hamilton College radio station, WHCL. From vinyl. (Music piracy was a lot harder and less rewarding back in those days.) Despite the occasional pop and hiss, the album is great, in my opinion better than their follow-up album, the far more popular Flood. The music is...

The Ides of Winter


It’s been very cold here the last couple of weeks. We’re talking less than zero degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time, with wind chills of much lower than that. A friend of mine was joking that we might see temps so low that weather men in Canada and the States would be saying the same number. (The Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement systems coincide at -40°. Ha ha!) I have a warm...


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